Patient Portal Online Bill Payment

The Patient Portal is a secure, confidential, and easy-to-use website that provides patients and their respective families with 24-hour access to their medical records. It uses the latest encryption technology to deliver secure communication between patients and providers.

You can ask about getting a token to register for the Patient Portal when you schedule your first appointment, or when you are in one of our offices.
Please do not forget to enroll into our portal when you get home. The token number to enroll is only good for 30 days. We can provide you with another token number if needed.
Be sure to click on “my chart” at the top and then on ‘request health record’ to activate your account to view your records such as labs.

Highlights Of Our Patient Portal

  • Review All Your Labs
  • Review Your Medication Listing, Allergies, Vital Signs, Family History and Health Insurance Information
  • Send Requests to Our Office for Medication Refills
  • Request to Have Radiology Results Sent to You through the Patient Portal
  • Review Your Statements
  • Pay Your Bill
  • Review Your Next Appointment
  • Request Any Changes Needed to Your Appointment

After Registering Into Our Patient Portal, Please Send Us An Email

We are working to make sure our patient portal access is running efficiently and need your help. This will allow us to test the portal to better serve you.

  • Once You Have Completed Your Log In to The Patient Portal, Access The Patient Homepage
  • Click On The “Mail” Tab at The Top of The Homepage
  • Drop Down to “Compose Message”
  • Under “Category”, You Must Select “Test Results” or “Medication Questions
  • Under “To”, Select Your Doctor
  • Under “Subject”, Type In “Testing Portal”
  • Under “Message”, Type In “Testing Portal”

After you have completed your enrollment, you can view the USER GUIDE to read more about the patient portal website by going to the bottom right hand of the home page and click on “USER GUIDE”.

If you are unable to remember your login information, click on SITE MAP at the far right bottom of the screen and this will assist you in getting logged into the patient portal.

Patient Portal Brochure