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What is Scalp Cooling? Scalp cooling is a simple procedure that can prevent alopecia caused by certain chemotherapy drugs.

The use of scalp cooling is proven to be an effective way of combating CIA and can result in a high level of retention or can completely preserve the hair. For patients, this means the opportunity to regain some control, maintain their privacy, and encourage a positive attitude toward treatment.

Why Chemotherapy Makes Hair Fall Out

Chemotherapy works by targeting all rapidly dividing cells in the body. Hair is the second fastest dividing cell in the body and this is the reason why many chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss. The hair follicles in the growth phase are attacked resulting in hair loss approximately 2 weeks after the commencement of the chemotherapy treatment.

The basic principle of chemotherapy is to damage the mitotic and metabolic processes in cancer cells. The reason this also affects hair follicles is because as many as 90% of them will be in an active growth phase (anagen).

Chemotherapy induces keratinocyte apoptosis and hair follicle regression, as well as the impaired metabolic and mitotic processes in anagen hair follicles, all of which results in rapid and extensive alopecia.

Hair loss is not inevitable

Scalp cooling empowers you with the opportunity to preserve privacy, boost confidence and maintain a positive attitude towards treatment.

Scalp Cooling is available for multiple cancer types.
Ask your provider is Scalp Cooling is right for you.

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