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Xofigo-Therapy for Prostate Cancer Bone Pain

Bone pain due to metastatic prostate cancer hurts; we’re here for you with a new treatment to ease your pain. An exciting new drug has been released for patients with metastatic prostate cancer to bone. Xofigo is a radioactive drug that homes in on just the areas in the bone where cancer is active. Once there, it gets taken into the bone and gives off a radioactive alpha particle to shrink the cancer. An alpha particle is a helium nucleus


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Advanced/Recurrent Prostate Cancer

We treat advanced/recurrent prostate cancer right here, close to home. Historically, advanced/recurrent prostate cancer was treated with anti-androgen based therapy to achieve very low levels of testosterone (androgen). When that therapy stopped working, the cancer was called – castrate resistant prostate cancer. A decade ago, for those patients with castrate resistant prostate cancer and who were in pretty good health, the next step would be to try an older chemotherapy agent – Mitoxantrone. Thankfully, we have come a long way


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Men’s Health Month

Article: Mens-Health-Month-060115 June is National Men’s Health Month. Dayton Physicians Network joins healthcare professionals across the US in encouraging men to take time this month to focus on their own health and well-being. We recommend that all men take the time to schedule an appointment with their primary health care provider to have an open and frank discussion about their health status. This is the first step towards becoming the healthiest you possible. At Dayton Physicians we know that many


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