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Immunotherapy offers potentially life-extending alternative to late-stage cancer treatment

The immune system of the human body is an incredibly elaborate system of organs, special cells and other substances that defend the body’s healthy cells from attack by all sorts of disease. Today, cancer physicians are learning to refine a method of using a patient’s own immune system to fight life-threatening, late-stage cancers by altering how the immune system recognizes, attacks and destroys cancer cells the same way it would any other invader. Over the last 30 years, immunotherapy has


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DPN is Ohio’s only APEx® accredited cancer treatment center

Cancer patients in the Dayton area may have many choices for facilities where they could obtain treatment, but of all cancer treatment facilities in the entire state of Ohio, only one is APEx®-accredited for the highest safety and quality of care – Dayton Physicians Network.   The abbreviation APEx® stands for Accreditation Program for Excellence, which is administered by the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO). Founded in 1958, the organization provides members with continuing medical education, health policy


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Combining the latest treatments with research for the best patient outcomes

In the continually expanding fields of hematology and medical oncology, Dayton Physicians Network offers the most comprehensive treatments available. At DPN, the best technology and research is combined with highly trained and experienced physicians who consistently demonstrate unwavering personal commitment to patient care. Joining DPN in September of 2017, Kelly Lynn Robbins Miller, MS, MD, PhD, is one of the newest additions to the oncology team of physicians. A Dayton native, Dr. Miller grew up in Franklin, Ohio, and earned


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