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Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Month
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June is National Men’s Health Month. Dayton Physicians Network joins healthcare professionals across the US in encouraging men to take time this month to focus on their own health and well-being.

We recommend that all men take the time to schedule an appointment with their primary health care provider to have an open and frank discussion about their health status. This is the first step towards becoming the healthiest you possible.

At Dayton Physicians we know that many diseases, and in fact, many cancers are preventable. So, when you have that conversation with your healthcare provider be prepared to also discuss your personal family history and recommended cancer screenings for your age and health status. We recommend that all men discuss cancer screening for testicular, prostate and colon cancers in particular.

Get Checked! Do it for yourself, your family, and for a healthier future…cancer screenings save lives!

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